Serenity in WORDS

#playing with #words. In #love with #nature and #words at the #same #time. #Magic of #nature with #mystery of words. In the #poem each #paragraph has a #pair of words which are #similar in many ways yet vary a lot in their #literal sense. #Find them. Comment. Example #listen and #hear from 1st para

Pleasant chirp of the bird flock,
Makes it soothing with passing clock,
Melody of nature every passer hears
Those who dares listen, get cheers.

Serene and calm lay vast ocean,
Flickering of waves creates some commotion,
Mere look may render you deceived,
Ensure you see, for better perceived.

As Sun drowns over the horizon,
Sky embraced the shades of crimson,
Capture thy effects with bare eyes,
Affects some endured, helped easing ties.

A beautiful picture which takes form,
The melting sun with radiant dorm,
Covering farthest the sight could explore,
Creativity strives further, to reach ashore.

It’s a journey that requires efforts,
Walking bare foot on this FORT,
While nurtures the soul with hope,
To bear a fruit of scope.

Embarked on pious rout of discovery,
Every step ahead is a recovery,
Ensure not to deviate from path,
Might you divert escaping some wrath.


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