#freezing #days #pens a #cold #winterrain day. When #you search for #sun. For those sunless winter days. Enjoy the read and do comment. #poetsofinstagram #poem #poet #winter #naturelovers #nature #beautiful #writersofinstagram #writer #writerscommunity

Gazing out of the window,
Looking at the distant shadow,
Noticed stillness at the meadow.

Dullness gripping over the sight,
Morning, noon, evening or night,
No trace of the sunlight.

Fast moving these cold breeze,
Pond water about to freeze,
Rushing inside life to squeeze.

Mist covering the morning sun,
Clouds ruining the afternoon fun,
Rain making the evening stun.

Faded outline of a huge tower,
Beauty of a rose flower,
Increasing in the dense shower.

Leaves get coating of dew,
None saw a bird flew,
Sounds heard are only few.

Spiking hard spike like air,
Weather has never been unfair,
Snow covering grounds n stair.

Winter is always so cold,
Reaping fruits which trees hold,
Preserving life to sprout untold.

Naina Pancholi


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