The #search continues. #embraceyourjourney and #accept#changes. #selfdiscovery #selflove #poem #poet #writersofinstagram #writer #journey #journeyoflife

Its a vast ocean to swim in
I feel lost on my way in
Yet there are ways i discover self

The depth is emmense from where I see
The bed is no where to be seen
For i have longed to explore deep.

I dive in to reach the farthest
Dedication and commitment on full swing
For Journey which demands lot from within

The slightest of the turn i take
Lead me towards or away from bleak
Ehnacing the thrill on a terrain alien

The unknown is yet to be known
As i inch further and further within
The Beast and beauty which passed through

Courage and strength being sole companion
With the will to learn and embrace changes
I Stand strong while continue to Explore..

Naina Pancholi


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