The step taken long back
Initiated a journey hardly known
The path travelled so far
Spikes and spears all along
There seem no end to it
Even when taken a leap
Slow and steady but not for long
Then emerged a new dugout
Cautious and carefull i travel
Towards the destiney set already
Spirits high and slugish sometimes
Making moves in search of peace
Collapsed and tiered, though trying hard
Set again with a new dawn
Despite all odds encountered on way
Never let the spirit fade
Support unexpected received at times
With people making surprising moves
Steeper path also leaned in
Wisely handled the hurdles within
Briskly and energized yet again
Twists and turns many made
Far ahead and yet so far
The journey has no end at all…

And the journey continues.. with new challenges and new hopes.. just never let the spirit fade..
#positivethinking #journeyoflife #journey #life #achieve #poemsofinstagram #writersofinstagram


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