A Crazy Day

A crazy day ended so well
Never knew that i could fell
Started with cool talks at bay
God knows when words found way

Few drinks and snacks in tray
Made new freinds on this day
Music soft and loud at points
Only played while new joints

Late at night yet so early
You know well it ends rarely
Sone crazybtalking digging up past
After some time cease to last

Bit of courage with some risk
Run around or go walking brisk
Years later recalling that calm night
Just to say time was right

Enjoy your life before you rot
All goes back to same pot
Don’t waste your time too much
Take the reins to follow hunch

Lucky me to sway a bit
Taking leap or I may sit
Its good having tales to say
Everyone should have a crazy day…

Naina Pancholi


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