An Escape

An escape from the day’s chore
We move towards a calm shore
With infinite beauty yet to explore
Diluting our worries as we endore

Calm water with life to flatter
Fragrance strong may cease to matter
Choir of birds busy in chatter
Serene canvas with leaves in shatter
A small tour in Nature’s lap
Desperate need to relax and clap
Our inner child requires a tap
Rejoice and refill for another lap

Journey which triggers an intense hunt
Precious treasures are not for shunt
Hidden beneath waiting for few stunt
Be bold and also be blunt
Etching ahead with courage and fun
Balancing our soul out in sun
Joy filled like cheese in bun
Mind gets vast space to run

Untangle the OLD knots with love
Embrace the changes & do not shove
Enhance your taste while eating clove
Be healthier post this refreshing blow


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