Everything around has all been sealed
Yet its not that big a deal
All you have to do is feel
The gift of surround which help heal

A small pause not a stop tough
Became a must to handle what’s rough
Don’t be mad to consider it bluff
You may pay a price with cough
Just flip the coin to reverse side
To explore the picture much more wide
For long we took all for ride
Now it’s time to pay and hide

Ruled throughout Earth as sole predator
Passed many years with focus on accelerator
Almost forgetting to leave much as ancestor
In time reins pulled by devine operator

Walking long path for luxury and comfort
Step by step nearing with every effort
Missing on the essence of sharing FORT
Reatained, by lives it belonged in short

Take a second and have a peak
Please look surroundings as I speak
Farthest, the eyes  could see in teak
Returning us, are back from the bleak

Shining bright is the gaint red ball
Sweeping seasons through winter, summer ans fall
Sprouting slowly love and hope amongst all
Fading kindness and humanity now standing tall.

It’s the effect of The Lock-down
That human merly became a helpless pawn
God seen in one with white gown
Let’s lookup where we had flawn(ed)


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